Jay-Z and Bing teamed up for this insane marketing promotion…

Probably one of the coolest and most integrated campaigns ever. My questions are: How much did this cost? And what was the ROI?


This is absolute genius! Imagine doing your grocery shopping while waiting for the subway!

Whoever came up with this idea is a genius. Now all Toronto has to do to get this going is build barriers on the subway platforms, and oh ya, actually have cell phone reception, too!

Just signed up for Twitter and all my followers are spammers! What gives?

I just signed up for a personal twitter account last night  (take a look at my side widget) and through the night I gained 10 followers without doing anything. At first I thought: “Cool! I’ll return the favor and follow them, too!” But once I started checking out their posts I started to notice a disturbing trend, SPAM!

Some examples:

Bill441 says:  i find a new site which we can buy WOW gold,if you input ‘seo’ in coupon, you will enjoy 10% gift,the site is…
SebastianSoul63 says: Generate as much income as you want to… Get started with Zero Cost and Experience: link
Great! Thanks Bill and Sebastian! By the way, Bill is apparently an Asian girl, at least that’s what his pic resembles.
Let’s just hope my future followers have more interesting things to say.