Got an idea? Share it!

You’ve got an idea. In fact, you probably have tons of them, and you want to start a business but your not really sure whether it will work or not.

Does this sound like you? I know it was me before I started my business and it sounds a lot like plenty of other people I know. So how do you get it going? How do you know that it’s a good idea? How do you get feedback?

Here’s a thought: SHARE IT! Talk to people about it. Start with close friends or family that you trust and get opinions and more ideas.

You’re probably thinking right now, “Why is he blogging about this and why is this an issue?” Well, I am constantly meeting people who want to be entrepreneurs, they have ideas and they want to start something new but I always hear, “Ya, I’ve got a few ideas but I’m not really sure yet,” and then end it there.

What I notice is that people are afraid. They’re afraid they’ll hear something negative about their idea or they’re afraid someone will steal it. For one, negative feedback is great feedback because you now know why your idea might not work. This can add fuel to your fire, get you thinking about why this person doesn’t think it will work and prove them wrong. But don’t just stop at one opinion, get lots. The more opinions you have the better you can formulate your idea and consider whether it actually is worth spending time and resources developing.

If you’re afraid that someone might steal your idea don’t talk to them about it. If your idea is that easy to steal in the first place maybe it wasn’t such a great idea to undertake. Most people aren’t going to be interested in taking your idea anyways, they’re too busy thinking about their own. And remember, an idea is just an idea until you do something with it and put it into practice.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s different if you are already in business and you tell a direct competitor your idea for putting them out of business, but that would be just plain stupid! For now, you’ve got an idea, you think it might work but you’re not sure. So get out there, start talking to people, get feedback, and SHARE IT!