Workspaces and updates

Workspaces have become a growing trend in the technology and startup space. A few years ago after I started my now defunct online dry cleaning startup I didn’t even know that these even existed. Now they seem to be sprouting up everywhere along with incubators and accelerators. A workspace is slightly different as the latter two options may require an application process and a very specific startup concept and plan to be accepted in as well as likely being funded by the government or by private investors (ie. Mars).

With construction at my condo working at home was just no longer an option, so I decided to rent a desk in the lounge space at a workspace called Project: RHINO (my project name is an ode to this space). The lounge space means I don’t leave any of my belongings after I leave for home. Almost daily you get the opportunity to meet someone new working on a unique startup or project. The founders themselves are working on their own startup, Clayza, and in fact, started Rhino completely by accident as they had only rented the space to start a previous startup a couple of years ago. Now, the Rhino boasts over 70 members and growing daily.

What is truly remarkable about the place is that, exactly as they state on their site, Project: RHINO is a community. Members are always interested in discussing everyone’s projects and more importantly, everyone helps everyone else out with their problems. Many of the people I have thanked on my blog are Rhino members who have generously donated their time and knowledge to my questions. Also, breaks and socializing are often taken over heated games of foosball or hanging out on the lounge area couches. So, if you work from home and you find that you need a great place to work, give a workspace a whirl, I guarantee you won’t regret it!

Updates on Project Blackfish:

1. Authors now receive points for comments made on their articles.

2. Articles now have tagging available.

3. All articles now have a topic to be filled out by the author.

The reason I’m not going into too many details over this blog is because I’m hoping to make a fundamental change and differentiator to the site over the next couple of days. I just have to figure out the right way to design and code it. So stay tuned!

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