Score your influence!

Project Blackfish has some amazing new updates! Remember last week when I mentioned that users could now unlike articles as well? Well, there was a problem with that system: users could like and unlike articles as many times as they wanted. That has now been solved after some very steep learning in Django, particularly learning one-to-one and many-to-one relationships.

So here’s the lowdown: In the screenshot below you can see that if a user viewing an article has not liked an article it will say “You scored it: Rate this article!”



If the user clicks “like” the Total Point Score for the article increases by one as does the amount you scored it by. The trick here is that a user cannot like an article more than one time. They can become neutral again (Score = 0), or they can score it as -1. The user can change their score as many times as they want between -1 and 1.


Now here’s where things get really interesting! All articles are now tied back to the user that wrote it. When another user rates their article they receive Influence Points(iPoints). At the moment the user “test 4” has 0 iPoints, after their article was given a like they then receive one iPoint. If the user rating the article goes back and changes their mind “test 4” will have -1 iPoints. These points are accumulated from all of their articles so the more articles they write and the more users that like their articles the more iPoints they receive thus scoring their overall influence within the community.


Special thanks to Vikram, Vanessa, and Ildar for helping me with my logic and answering my never ending stream of questions!

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