Project: Blackfish

Beginning today this blog is back up and running. I’ve been learning how to code as an addition to my website analytics skills and I think it’s about time I actually put it to good use: I’m going to build a website and do so by bootstrapping it (I will spend nothing or as little as possible). Everyday I will spend 10-20 minutes writing a short concise blog on my progress.

Today, I’ll start bringing you up to speed about this project:

I’m building a site that allows users to post their own written content and build a reputation based how popular their content is. That’s it. I have a few more ideas but I’m keeping it really simple for now. As I build I’m hoping that anyone following this blog (anyone?) will make suggestions and add insights.

The site is being built with Python on a Django framework. Here is a screen shot of the main posts page so far:


I’m not too concerned with the way it looks right now, it’s more about functionality first. Right now it includes the ability to signup, log in, write a post, and like and comment on posts thanks to these great tutorials by Mike Hibbert.

That’s it until tomorrow. Special thanks to Lucas Lu for designing my logo, check out more of his amazing work at:

Budget: $?     Spent: $0


3 thoughts on “Project: Blackfish

  1. Interesting post Andrew! Keep me posted as to what you are doing here as there might be an opportunity for you and I to work together from a service offering perspective.

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