Part 5.2: Suppliers (Delivery)

Sometimes it takes a bit of trial and error when you’re searching for a supplier. Of course, the goal is to do as much research as possible to limit the amount of loss incurred from any mistakes made from these trials. There are always multiple ways to do the same thing and there is always a payoff between the costs and the quality of any service or product. Sometimes though, the expensive option may not be the best option but not only because of the costs.

Our delivery costs were very high in the beginning because we went with a larger and more organized delivery service. They had large vans and professional drivers but they were incredibly inflexible with our small operation, and incredibly expensive. If we expanded they had a very particular method to charge us that included time, distance, and gas. They also just began venturing into transporting clothing and we were the guinea pigs. Did that matter for us in the end? No, it all came down to costs. They were just too high with this company, we just couldn’t afford them.

What we did notice though, once we switched, was how rigid their method was and how unsuited it was for the size of our company. We are moving from a format of picking up and delivering to individual customers as well as to buildings, how impossible would that be with a company that will calculate every associated cost with each individual client? Again the price would be too high, but also, the time it would take them to make these calculations and get back to us, the opportunity might already be gone!

In short, finding the right supplier may take several tries. In the end, the right choice may have been staring at you in the face the entire time but it takes working with the wrong supplier to realize it. Just make sure it doesn’t cost you too much to find out!


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