Part 2: Branding

This part was as much fun as it was frustrating. To have someone create our logo we used a website called, which facilitates contests between graphic designers and business folk, such as my biz partner, me, and you. The great thing about this site is that you have access to all these phenomenal graphic designers from all over the world, you get to pick and choose which design you like best as the winner of your contest, and you can even suggest changes to the designs you like during your contest, which have a set time limit but you can extend this for an extra fee. The website makes its cut through a set fee.

Okay, that’s the fun part.

The frustrating part is having a very limited budget (we hadn’t yet received any funding) and only being able to offer the smallest amount “prize money” to the winner. This made it difficult to attract designers so after watching our contest intently without a single submission we decided to poke a few designers to by offering complements on their designs (which we really liked or else we wouldn’t have wanted them to participate) and asking them to submit a design. Not a lot of designers responded at first, maybe it was the small amount of prize money, maybe it was because we were a dry cleaner (really, who wants to create a logo for a dry cleaner?).

The logo we chose (top right corner of this blog) was actually the first design submitted. ToezSew is from Indonesia and in my opinion a phenomenal graphic designer. I really think we got lucky with this design. Here is the exact description we used:

Brief Overview:  A dry cleaning delivery service catering primarily to condominiums.  We are trying to present high quality service without premium prices.  Convenience, reliability, and timeliness are important characteristics. 

Brand Name:  Jeeves Valet Dry Cleaning

Target Audience: Condo dweller professionals aged 23 – 39 (approx)


The name “Jeeves” should be included but does not need to be the focal point.

  • A butler (Jeeves is a butler) is a possible logo idea
  • Simplicity is important
  • Colors are black and white
  • We will provide ongoing advice throughout the process to find the best possible logo
  • Please be as creative as possible

My suggestion is that if you are on a budget look for designers from countries having a lower standard of living. This is not meant to be an insult in any way, but rather, I believe that designers in countries like Indonesia are just talented as in the West but they are happy with a smaller reward because that money goes a lot farther. Also, look for designers who have only won a few contests suggesting that they are still building their portfolios and are willing to take a smaller prize. Lastly, expect to receive the bulk of your designs towards the end of the contest and don’t forget guarantee the prize once you are able to and there is something you really feel comfortable rewarding.

Good luck and make sure you get the identity you are looking for!


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